360 IT Solution

In Nextel S.A. can get a complete telematics engineering solution to optimize company resources to the maximum. We take care to analyze the organization and propose a better solution to facilitate the development of their work promoting the business model of your company.

1. IT Consulting

A Solution IT 360 begins with a draft IT Consulting to analyze network security and organizational processes to obtain a status report systems and propose necessary improvements to enhance system security management of Information.

We propose a comprehensive approach to management of the support elements of information technology, information security, business continuity and IT services.

2. System Integration

The second part of the project is the evaluation of the best security solutions for the enterprise, according to the report’s findings and the current status of the organization (security level, legislative requirements, resources, budget, etc..). The technology partners with whom we have allow us to offer advanced technologies guarantees that puts the safety and value for money.

The implementation of such solutions is carried out with certified and guarantees that facilitate quality management, control and maintenance of them, because one of the main goals of any telematics engineering project is to achieve maximum possible security to ensure smooth operation of enterprise systems.

3. Telematics Applications Development

A development of telematics applications may be the third part of an IT project 360, because it shows a system created specifically to improve information management and assurance of confidentiality that such management requires, either in terms of knowledge management , of HR, web content, educational resources, etc..

4. Maintenance and outsourcing

Finally, like any technological project, IT Solution 360 requires adequate technical maintenance facilities, and for that we make available to qualified technicians to perform tasks or dedicated remote support. Our offers of CPD, Call Center Service Desk or face different levels of incidents by the same management and agile documented that helps solve any technical problems efficiently.

The key IT Solution 360:

  • Working with the client.
  • Thoroughly analyze the current situation.
  • Document the project.
  • Offer solutions.
  • Ensure project quality.

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