Telematics Engineering

Project Planning to suit our clients, and Needs Analysis with unsurpassed technological alliances

We commission equipment, systems and communications tailored to our clients’ technological demands, because our independence allows us to select the most suitable solution for each requirement.

The corporate world is aware of the criticality of its information systems, and needs to rely on them in support of its business processes. Our current market offers a great deal of possibilities, and choosing wisely is not a simple task. We evaluate the most suitable technologies aiming to optimize available resources and deliver quality technical assistance.

We develop projects suited to your needs and, to achieve this, we are supported by the best business partners and a comprehensive program of continuous and specialized in-house training.

Our available services may be enhanced to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Implementation of turnkey systems
  • Network and system assessment and optimization
  • Bandwidth management with multiple connections
  • Network monitoring and management centers
  • Highly available redundant systems in lines and services
  • LAN and WAN counseling and auditing
  • Internet/Intranet added-value services
  • Integrated securing systems
  • System virtualization

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