System Maintenance

Analysis, resource optimization and adjustment to the environment with maintenance and remote or dedicated support services.

Representative image of the Maintenance areaThe extraordinary progress of current technology, makes it considerably difficult for many companies to adequately manage their Systems and IT departments. For this reason, the best option is generally to outsource specialized resources. Our Team Plan consists of offering the best solution through a combination of analysis, resource optimization and adaptation to the environment.

As a result of constant in-house training, we are capable of offering first-rate services and anything that may contribute to the support of your best ally: the Information System.

We respond to our clients’ demands backed by our alliances and technological certification. We assess our clients’ particular circumstances and then propose diverse remote or dedicated services aimed at enabling and expediting problem solutions, thereby freeing our clients from the need to specialize in such areas, for which we offer:

  • Maintenance of specific and flexible systems
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Customized reports
  • Incident solution with schedules suited to the client’s requirements

We are highly experienced in the execution of major projects, which allows us to offer professionals who are qualified and certified by the leading manufacturers in the market: > most outstanding partners.

We offer our clients full access to our technical know-how by means of tools such as OSSIM, Hostmonitor, and PRTG, among others, which allow us to monitor systems by setting off alarms in the event of service failure to signal us to act upon any situation with our best support: our professionals.