Organic Law for Data Protection (LOPD)

One of the primary objectives of an LOPD Consulting project is to implement basic and urgent measures in order to guarantee compliance with existing regulations with regards to protection of personal data, and prepare an adjustment plan for compliance with current legislation in terms of personal-data protection.

The stages of the project are divided as follows:

  1. Consulting for LOPD and RDLOPD compliance for project start-up and planning stages
  2. Analysis of the current situation
  3. File identification and level, and Register Form
  4. Basic measures for LOPD compliance
  5. Regulatory measures pertaining to documents, procedures, functions, records, authentication, monitoring, management and recovery measures
  6. Training
  7. Closing and presentation of the Adjustment Plan

The security objectives and their effective implementation in the organization will be assessed by Mxtel by means of an LOPD Biennial Audit with regard to the specific features of the installation, the services rendered, the information systems and the security level applicable to each case in accordance with the classification provided in Article 96 of the Regulations. These objectives are listed below:

Identification of the physical and logical files and their required security level.

  1. Review of the security structure
  2. Review of the security-incidence control, evaluation and reporting policy
  3. Review of the logical access control policy

Following the review and preparation of a schedule for the security control verification processes for each system, Mxtel will edit the Audit Report, as per the structure and content required by the Regulations.


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