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Legal Compliance - Mxtel
Every day, there are new laws and regulations of technological nature to be complied with. For this reason, and because ‘ignorance is no excuse’, Mxtel helps organizations in identifying every technologically-oriented regulation applicable to their activity as well as in developing the control measures required to assure due compliance.

Mxtel helps its clients comply with technical and security demands, derived from existing regulations of technological nature, among which the following issues stand out:

  • Personal Data Protection (LOPD, RDLOPD, etc.)
  • Electronic Administration (LAECSP, ENS, ENI, etc.)
  • The Information Society (LSSI/CE, LISI, etc.)
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (LPIC, RPIC, etc.)
  • Electronic Signature (LFE, etc.)
  • Other (LPI, etc.)

Mxtel provides its clients not only with the tools (technologies, organizational models, procedures, etc.) required to achieve proper compliance with legal and contract requirements, but also with the necessary approach to monitor compliance with such requirements and test its continuous applicability.

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