IT Service Management

PDCA - IT Service Management - Mxtel
The primary goal of any corporate IT department is to assure the optimum performance of their ICTs such that the services delivered always meet the demands of the organization. However, to achieve this, a series of requirements arising from several different angles shall be met, such as:

  • Assuring the continuity of the services delivered
  • Maintaining satisfactory functionality levels
  • Making sure that the services are delivered efficiently, and at the lowest costs possible.
  • Managing to suit the services to the changes required by the organization.
  • Assuring the security of the services delivered.
  • Offering appropriate performance levels
  • Effectively resolving any service-related incident that may arise

In order to properly respond to these demands, IT services shall be adequately managed, by orchestrating all the processes to enable meeting these requirements effectively in order to provide the organization with efficient, quality IT services.

At Mxtel, we engage in projects related to IT services, ranging from the design and implementation of specific management projects (service levels, capacity, availability, providers, incidents, configuration, etc.) to the deployment – including ISO/IEC 20000 certification – of a complete IT Service Management System (ITSMS), not only through the incorporation of management tools, capable of supporting prior processes, but also through the integration itself of the TIC infrastructures to be managed.

We also develop projects for the implementation of ITSMSs to be integrated with other management systems, such as Quality, Security or Business Continuity, as well as other types of specific process deployment and implementation projects within more particular fields.

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