Forensic Auditing

Given the relevance of digital information in business, detection and analysis, electronic evidence becomes of essence in successfully combating computer-related crime.

As experts in this matter, we collaborate directly with law firms that require our knowledge and support for the assessment of electronic evidence to enable defending private companies, which need to prove inflicted attacks, via reliable IT-related evidence.

Our consultants analyze suspicious IT-related activity during investigations of civil or criminal nature, carrying out a search that allows them to compile, evaluate and accumulate evidence compliant to auditing standards, procedures and techniques during the investigation of IT-related crime.

The report delivered by the auditors will expect relevant and acceptable evidence to be taking to court in the event of a hearing. Some examples of the data compiled for a forensic audit are listed below:

  • Recovery of Data Deleted to Destroy Company Assets
  • Activity Tracking in Servers
  • Financial Crime (phishing)
  • Information Leaks
  • Computer Equipment Misuse
  • Malicious-Software Detection
  • Forensic Shadow Reports
  • Etc.

In this regard, Nextel S.A. also offers the following services:

  • Examination of Affected Systems
  • Collaboration with Law Firms
  • Counseling to Private Companies on Legal Standards
  • Electronic-Evidence Training
  • Definition of Preventive Measures against IT-related Crime
  • Response Plan in the Event of Crime
  • Electronic Evidence Management Platform

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