Expert Examination in Court Proceedings

Nowadays, electronic evidence could play a determining role in the success of a court proceeding; for this reason, Nextel S.A. offers a Court Proceeding Examination service, following the performance of the Forensic Audit.

The service consists of a search for legally sound electronic evidence in the event of computer fraud; employee or third-party misuse or malicious use of computers; theft of identity, email, personal data, banking data, etc.

The IT-related legal expert examiner is a new-technology professional whose experience and credentials enable him/her to to present information and a professional opinion before private entities, or in court, with regards to the contentious points being addressed.

Nextel S.A. will prepare a detailed report and support the legal advisors before the judge, with the evidence compiled as a result of an investigation, with the object of demonstrating that the electronic evidence obtained is decisive in the resolution of the dispute.

In this regard, Nextel S.A. also offers the following services:

  • Expert Examiner’s Report with Force of Law
  • Counseling in Court and Out-of-Court Proceedings
  • Electronic-Evidence Tracking
  • Forensic Auditing

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