Electronic-Evidence Oriented Training

It is not uncommon nowadays to hear news about corporate IT-security incidents where all kinds of information are stolen (credentials, banking information, etc…), carried out by external organized groups as well as company staff members themselves. With this training on Electronic Evidence, Nextel S.A. will help you prepare to prevent and respond before any IT-security issue, take measures following an attack of this type and conform to current legislation.

Computer attacks (hacking) may end up in court as a result of the compilation and use of electronic evidence, as it enables demonstrating the commission, or not, of an act. However, a series of minimum requirements must be met in order to render electronic evidence admissible in court (lawfulness, authenticity, integrity, transparency).

The purpose of this type of training is to provide basic knowledge which enables addressing this situation in a preventive and reactive manner, aware of what is permissible by law and determining the most suitable way to handle electronic evidence.

Target Audience: businessmen, managers, executives and professionals, HR Managers, IT (CSO, CISO) Managers, as well as personnel aiming for a position related to this matter.


  • Provide a global view of the concept of electronic evidence.
  • Explain electronic-evidence gathering procedures.
  • Analyze electronic evidence from a legal and technological perspective.
  • Assess the position of the courts in this regard.
  • Keep up to date on legal directives that regulate and affect electronic evidence.

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