National Interoperability Plan


National Interoperability PlanLaw 11/2007 on the Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services (LAECSP in Spanish), which governs the basic aspects of e-Administration, recognizes the right of citizens to interact with Public Administrations by electronic means. This Law establishes the need to assure the availability, access, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and preservation of data and services while using information technology.

Aiming to secure a common normative denominator, this Law it determines the creation of the National Interoperability Plan (ENI in Spanish), whose object is the definition of specific criteria, recommendations and principles required to favor public Administrations and allow the development of interoperability, both with each other and with private users.

Adjustment to the ENI

Adjustment to the ENICompliant with the National Interoperability Plan, all Public Administrations are under the obligation of adjusting all their data systems associated to the provision of e-Administration services to meet ENI provisions. Compliance with these provisions shall be assured from its conception in the case of new systems, and within 12 months from the publication of the ENI for already existing ones, though this term could be extended to a maximum of 48 months, provided previous circumstances existed that prevented their full application, and an adjustment plan, formally approved by the competent entity, were available.

Given the considerable effort proper adjustment to ENI provisions implies for any Public Administration, we at Nextel S.A. confidently place at their disposition our ENI implementation and maintenance support services, framed within the e-Administration service area, assuring that Nextel S.A.’s expertise and specialization in projects like this one will guarantee its success.

The services Nextel S.A. offers in this area range from consultancy to Public Administrations when it comes to defining and planning the adjustment project to the execution of the established tasks, both at organizational and operating levels and at a technical level, such that the Public Administrations may flexibly decide the tasks they are going to delegate to Nextel S.A. at each phase of the project, with the confidence of counting on a highly-experienced multidisciplinary team, specialized in each of the scopes of action.

Work Methodology

MethodologyOur ENI implementation and maintenance support services are framed within the e-Administration service area, such that the work methodology followed is in line with the general structure defined within this area.

In a preliminary pre-requisite identification phase, Nextel S.A. conducts an informal analysis of the general needs of the Public Administration in terms of adjustment to the ENI, with the purpose of suitably dimensioning the project’s general parameters. This dimensioning is carried out from the assessment of the following aspects:

  • Services offered electronically by the Public Administration
  • Spheres in which the Public Administration requires the collaboration of Nextel S.A. personnel
  • Specific demands and peculiarities of the Public Administration regarding the development of the adjustment project.

With the results of that preliminary analysis, the general planning of the project is carried out, derived from the modular structure used in the general working method. This same methodology is used both in the design of projects made of a single module and in that of multi-modular projects according to the block structure shown below:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Adjustment
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance