Critical Infrastructures

Protecting critical infrastructures entails considering performances that extend beyond simple material security against potential aggression or attack given the fact that such infrastructures are becoming increasingly ICT dependent, both for their management and their linkage to other systems, which is done quite often by way of public, open media.

In this regard, the national response was formalized in Law 8/2011, dated April 28, whereby measures are established for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures, and a Royal Decree 704/2011, dated May 20, which approves the Regulations on Critical Infrastructure Protection.

This legislation controls the agents that comprise the Critical Infrastructure Protection System as well as the planning instruments which serve as its basis, aiming to establish the strategies and structures required to improve the State’s prevention of, preparedness and response to threats that may affect critical infrastructures, thus improving their security and resilience.

Mxtel provides a comprehensive service for compliance with current legal directives in terms of Protection of Critical Infrastructures, which covers the following stages:

1. Preliminary Evaluation: from our IT Consulting area, we offer an assessment in terms of protection, with the object of determining the initial situation and defining the needs pursuant to current regulations.

  • Security Evaluation, at physical and logistical levels
  • Modeling of the operator’s infrastructures
  • Gap Assessment in terms of critical infrastructure protection
  • Proposal of an Action Plan

2. Compliance with Legal Directives: we enable critical operators to conform their critical infrastructures to current legislation in terms of their security and protection:

  • Development of the Operator’s Security Plan
  • Development of specific Protection Plans
  • Security and Protection plan commissioning
  • Enforcement of security measures

3. Security Operation and Maintenance: Once legislation compliance has been achieved, and with the object of enabling critical operators to optimize these tasks, we make the following services available:

  • Security Management Support
  • Security Operation
  • Deployment of Expert Centers

Additionally, we offer complementary services to further assist you in complying with legal directives associated to critical infrastructure protection from different arenas:

  • Implementation of Security Measures
  • Deployment of the Operator’s Security Plan
  • Deployment of the Protection Plan
  • Operation and Maintenance of Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Security Operation
  • Deployment of Expert Centers

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