Image of the CloudENS serviceCloudENS is a service that consists in the full outsourcing of the security process known as ENS

Such process allows any Public Administration to outsource the security management system required by the National Security Framework, accessing online any function it requires.

Why CloudENS?

Because it allows Public Administrations to leverage all the benefits provided by cloud services and simplifies the adoption and maintenance of the security measures mandated by the ENS, thereby significantly reducing both project costs and the time required for such adjustment.

This way, any organization can count on an integrated security management service, fully on line, totally scalable, readily adoptable and very cost efficient in comparison to implementing an in-house security management system.

Advantages of CloudENS

  • No in-house implementation needed
  • Does not require any kind of specific equipment
  • No need for an initial investment
  • Remarkable cost savings
  • Assured service quality
  • The client is able to focus on its own activities
  • Project monitoring and follow-up
  • Tailor-made availability, contracting and planning

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