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Cybersecurity, also known as Computer or IT Security, refers to the discipline devoted to applying different security measures (mainly of technological nature but, also, organizational, contractual, operational or regulatory) to protect corporate assets against threats from cyberspace (the Internet).

In a world increasingly controlled by IT systems, cybersecurity has now gained particular relevance as not only do cyberthreats affect ICTs and corporate information systems, but they are also capable of inflicting damage on the physical world, by affecting the IT systems that control it.

In light of this situation, Mxtel has established close collaboration with organizations which are concerned about their cybersecurity, by helping them establish suitable protection measures in each of the following areas:

  • Defense of the logical perimeter and Internet access securing
  • Security in communications networks and information systems
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructures
  • Industrial Control System Securing
  • Secure management of outsourcing services

In any of the above environments, Mxtel performs tasks related to both security auditing and consultancy in order to establish the most appropriate security solutions in each area, as well as the implementation of such safety measures and their ongoing maintenance, in accordance with our client’s needs.


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