Corporate Compliance

Corporate ComplianceEvery organization is subject to a considerable amount of regulations which conditions its activity and affects its performance. This regulatory framework is more varied and complex in accordance with the magnitude of the organization or how specific its business sector is, and just being aware of all applicable regulations could be in itself a significant challenge for any company.

Corporate Compliance defines the set of activities performed by an organization to assure proper fulfillment of all such applicable regulations. In general, these activities comprise the following aspects:

  • Performance of a legal noncompliance-focused risk analysis for each of the organization’s departments.
  • Development of the security measures required to minimize identified risks.
  • Deployment of a management system to enable proper monitoring of the security measures developed.
  • Performance of intermittent evaluations and audits to enable identifying and correcting any changes or deviations which may arise.

The most widely used reference model when developing a corporate-control system is the American COSO system, which defines the basic elements to be considered for an integrated internal control/corporate risk-management system.

At Mxtel, we execute development and corporate control system implementation projects, and we deploy management tools which enable automating and boosting your performance. Moreover, we develop integration projects for such corporate control systems with other more specific management systems, such as those of Security, Quality or Business Continuity.

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