Business Continuity

The best survival-assurance tool

(BCM: Business Continuity Management)

Business Continuity by MxtelAdequate Business Continuity management is the only instrument we rely on to attain long-term effectiveness of strategic plans.

Mxtel’s experience and specialty in leading, executing and verifying this type of projects empowers us to guarantee their success, such that any company may leverage on a Business Continuity Management system that meets their expectations both in cost, effectiveness and practical results.

A Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) comprises a strategic-operating core made up of a set of modules that strengthen the organization’s strategic planning on a risk-management basis. Such core is capable of assuring the operating continuity of the business and, thus, the viability of investment and strategic plans developed on the basis of such continuity premise.

The Business Continuity Management Systems designed by Mxtel are ISO 22301 compliant, which makes them auditable and certifiable under said Standard. Thus, any organization is capable of demonstrating, according to the criteria of a trusted third-party (i.e., certifying agencies), its readiness to overcome any incident that could otherwise affect the organization’s operating capability within the scope of a BCMS.

At Mxtel, we execute business-continuity oriented projects which range from the design and commissioning of continuity plans for specific processes or services to the deployment, and even ISO 22301 certification, of a full-fledged Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), encompassing from the most technological operating level to the continuity governance and management layer.

We also develop BCMSs integrated with other management systems, such as those of Quality, Security or IT Services, as well as other types of continuity-solution deployment projects in more specific sectors.

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