360º IT Solution

360º IT Solution

Mxtel can assist you in finding a comprehensive telematics engineering solution in order to optimize your company’s resources to their fullest. We will perform an evaluation of your company and put forth the most suitable solution to simplify the development of your work by boosting your company’s business model.

1. IT Consultancy

A 360º TI Solution starts off with an IT Consultancy Project which enables performing an evaluation of the company’s network, security and processes to produce a report of its systems’ current status and propose the adjustments required to improve the Information Security Management System.

We propose a global management approach with regard to the support elements associated to IT, Information Security, Business Continuity, and IT service delivery.

2. Systems Integration

The second stage of the project consists of evaluating the best security solutions for your company, in line with the findings of the report and the company’s current situation (security level, regulatory requirements, resources, and budget, among others). The technological partners that back us up enable us to offer guarantees with state-of-the-art technologies where security and resource optimization are top priority.

The deployment of such solutions is carried out by certified professionals with guarantees that simplify managing their quality, control and maintenance, because one of the prime objectives of any telematics engineering project is to achieve the highest possible level of security to assure the successful performance of your corporate systems.

3. Maintenance and Outsourcing

Finally, as with all technological projects, 360º IT Solutions require technical maintenance suited to their particular features and, for that aim, we offer our team of qualified technicians to provide you with remote or dedicated support. Our DPC, Service Desk or Call Center services address different incident levels by means of documented and proactive management of said incidents to allow resolving any technical issue in an efficient fashion.

The keys to a 360° IT Solution:

  • Work with the client
  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the current situation
  • Document the project
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Assure the quality of the project

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