Project description

Seamless Communication for Crisis Management

Secricom is proposed as a collaborative research project aiming at development of a reference security platform for EU crisis management operations with two essential ambitions:

  • Solve or mitigate problems of contemporary crisis communication infrastructures (Tetra, GSM, Citizen Band, IP)
  • Add new smart functions to existing services which will make the communication more effective and helpful for users.

The Secricom solutions are based on four technological pillars:

  • Secure encrypted mobile communication on existing infrastructures.
  • Improved interoperability among various existing communicating systems.
  • Introduction of distributed systems and the agent paradigm forming a smart negotiating system.
  • Security based on trusted hardware enhancing the confidentiality of data and the privacy of users.

End users of this simple, effective and trusted solution will be mainly emergency responders (rescuers, fire brigades, special forces, police, etc.), and healthcare providers, even though there exists certain potential in the mass market as well.

Project objectives

This platform will serve as a communication basis for crisis management in Europe.

  • To exploit the existing publicly available communication network infrastructure with interface towards emerging SDR systems.
  • Interoperabilityamong heterogeneous secure communication systems.
  • Parallel distributed mobile agent-based transaction system for effective procurement.
  • Secure infrastructure based on custom chip-level security.

European context

Secricom has been specifically positioned to map exactly to the core findings of the European Security Research Advisory Board (ESRAB) which seeks to:

  • Progresar hacia las necesidades towards society’s needs for a more free, secure and open Europe;
  • Incrementar la competitividad of the EU based supply chain by research stimulating innovation and accelerating pull through into procured products and services.

Technological challenges

The main challenge of the Secricom project is to exploit the existing publicly available communication network infrastructure with possibility to add more sophisticated tools.

Secricom will be a reliable and fault tolerant platform for future heterogeneous communication applications.

Project partners

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