Project Overview

Predykot stands for a project whose target is to provide an innovative, modular and consistent eco-system of software modules to dynamically refine a security policy in IT systems and to ensure that it remains effective regardless of any change.

At present, it is necessary to have intelligent mechanisms to ensure that a security policy is sufficiently sustained in the course of time and, in view of this context, Predykot intends to take the forefront of such mechanisms related to the policies applied in various domains.

Nextel S.A. leads the Spanish consortium of this project, in which ZIV is currently developing distribution and telemetry equipment that will evolve to a smartgrid for which Nextel S.A. is developing the security.

Predykot will provide an innovative, modular and consistent ecosystem of software modules to dynamically refine a security policy and ensure that it remains effective under any administrative, contextual or other change.


Predykot intends to shift the focus of security policy management from basic operational improvements to critical intelligence for business process improvement. Intelligent mechanisms are required to ensure that a policy maintains its effectiveness over time in order to evaluate the contextual information and dynamically refine the policy with the challenge of achieving direction, risk management and compliance.

Predykot targets markets were security is crucial, such as cloud computing, large and mission-critical systems, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Professional Mobile Radio (PMR), equipment and services for short-range wireless communication (i.e., new mobile payment technologies).

The primary innovative result will be the creation of a set of software modules for the dynamic update and maintenance of security policies over differing domains.

  • Reasoning engines on user’s activity, on policy changes, on contextual information
  • Smart nodes, as actuators or sensors towards the information system
  • Interface with Security Information and Event Management solutions
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Fusion of distributed data and data management
  • Feedback modules for feedback on the security policy, either directly or via a workflow
  • Steering dashboard

Technologies Utilized

Project Predykot will make use of certain technologies developed in Project Multipol, which has just been completed, associated to projects Soda and Lascot.

It is worth noting that while Multipol focuses exclusively on the exploitation of a data security policy in multi-domain environments, Predykot is dedicated to policy updating and dynamic improvement, regardless of their field of application. In addition, Predykot will reuse certain aspects related to the findings and results on the use of semantics derived from projects SEMEasy y SEMbySEM.

Predykot will monitor the work being performed in project Role-ID, as the roles can be the components of a policy. In the future, Predykot will be capable of contributing added value to Role-ID with modules such as the Policy-Reasoning Module and the Policy Feedback Module, with the object of improving and maintaining Role-ID’s internal policy.

Predykot will also include the cloud computing domain in the deliverable that establishes the project requirements. On the other hand, the domain contemplated in Easi-Clouds will also be considered in Predykot. Viceversa, Easi-Clouds will provide valuable testing grounds to verify the applicability of Predykot’s findings.

The focal point will consist in defining the Smart Nodes’ capacity to reinforce the cloud security policy focusing on the end users who resort to it, on the one hand, and to provide ad-hoc metrics in collaboration with Easi-Clouds specialists emphasizing on Measurement and Supervision applications available in the cloud, on the other.


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