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Absolutely Safe and Healthful factory

consortium logosThe FASyS (Spanish acronym for Absolutely Secure and Healthful Factory) project is framed within the conception of the Factory of the Future and the new notion of Sustainable Competitive Manufacture.

A sustainable factory in Europe must be sustainable not only in terms of energy and resource efficiency but it shall also clearly and distinctly emphasize its role in its employees and workers’ sustainability.

Efficient production, in terms of competitiveness and sustainability, takes place when awarding workers core relevance in the factory, and their safety and health thus become strategic productivity and profitability factors.

The FASyS project proposes the development of new knowledge and technology to assure, by design and in an integrated fashion, the worker’s continuing safety and well-being in the handling, machining and assembly factories of the future, allowing workers to become key factors of competitiveness and distinction of the new productive model.

The FASyS project proposes the generation of technology to enable monitoring, incorporating and interacting with the human factor as an integral and interactive part of the manufacturing processes, similarly to the way we currently relate to working equipment. In an intelligent environment, the worker is but another element in the digital ecosystem of the factory. Hence, the technological objectives of the project include the development of the following systems:

  • Devices to monitor the workers’ physical and psychological condition as well as that of their working environment.
  • Efficient systems to communicate those data to improve their accessibility and content.
  • Data processing and interpretation technologies to accurately identify and classify the activity of the worker.
  • Intelligence for analysis-decision making.
  • Integrated prevention protocols and personalized health monitoring for each worker.
  • Manufacturing teams, collaborating towards worker safety.
  • Management of the processes that incorporate the human factor and contribute information and/or training on risk behavior as part of their improvement.

FASyS will enable the definition of a future generation of technologies and safety mechanisms within the handling, assembly and machining industry, contributing towards its target 25% reduction in labor accident rates in 2020 and becoming a model of excellence in labor safety and health management in a near future, making it possible to maintain or even improve competitiveness levels.


Fasys project diagram

  • FASyS is part of the 18 major national strategic projects supported by the CDTI within the CENIT 2009 call.
  • With a budget of € 23.3 million, the FASyS project will develop the key technology required to offer an accident-free factory model as an essential element in improving productivity.
  • FASyS contributes to industrial sustainability by means of a technology that allows granting the worker a major role in the production processes.
  • A set of 13 companies and 14 research teams comprise the consortium that will be in charge of the project’s entire line of development.




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