Project description

The mobile office concept provides us with connectivity with the company’s resources. However, the company’s mobilisation entails a series of implications that have encouraged us to present this project. The amount of devices from which information is accessed, thanks to Wi-Fi technologies, is constantly growing in diversity and number.

Because of this delocalisation, a dispersion of the information between the devices normally used by the user occurs.

Project objectives

Around this technological shortfall, this project proposes tackling the management of a personal communications setting, distributed around multiple devices. This paradigm is called Personal Distributed Environment.

The PDE concept opens up the personal area network (PAN) concept, interconnection with the laptop, PDA and mobile phone as a mini communications network, which will manage information beyond mere communications. In this way, technology is provided to the company and not the company to the technology.

Sponsored by

Ministerio de Industria Turismo y Comercio

Project partners

CBT Trimek

EPC Asociación Innovalia

Nextel S.A.


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