Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a file which is saved in your computer when you visit website. Most websites use them and they are generally harmless. When you visit the website again at a later time or visit a different webpage, a copy of the cookie is sent to the website.

They can be used to store quite useful information, the most common of which is as a follow-up of visited sites, to remember your details or setup information in the website, or to stay logged in to your account.

For more information on cookies, please visit the following:

When are Cookies Created?

Writing data on a cookie generally takes place the minute you open a new webpage; for instance, after you click on the ‘Send’ button to submit a form, the website that processes this data will store it in a cookie. If the user has chosen to disable cookies, the Save operation will fail and, for any further access to the site that utilized the cookie information, the user will be asked to introduce again the information that would have been available in the cookie, or perform an action by default.

Why are Cookies Used?

Cookies are a convenient way of saving information from one website session to another or between sessions in related websites without the need to bother saving the information to a server. Saving information to a server without using cookies would be inconvenient as it would be difficult to recover concrete information from a particular user without having to ask him/her to login every time he/she wishes to access such website.

If the amount of data is too large to be stored, then a cookie can be used just to identify the user, and the rest of information could be stored in a database server. For example, the first time a user visits a website, his/her username could be saved in a cookie and the rest of the information, such as the password, name, mailing address, font size, etc., would be stored in a database with the username as a password. When the website is visited a second time by such user, the server reads the username in the cookie and uses it to access the database for the information, without the user having to provide it again.

Which Cookies do We Use and for What Purpose?

Following is a table of the cookies used by our website:

Cookie Name Purpose More info
Settings (PHPSESSID) wp-settings-3wp-settings-time-3 This cookie verifies your identity and whether you are logged in to the website or not. Click here to read more information on the WordPress website
Comments comment_authorcomment_author_emailcomment_author_url When visitors post comments on our website, these cookies store the required information such that it is not necessary to retype it all for subsequent comments. Click here to read more information on the WordPress website
Google Analytics  _ga __utma __utmb __utmc __utmv __utmz These cookies are used to gather information regarding the number of visitors we have and how they use our website. We use this information to prepare usage reports that help us improve our website. Cookies compile this information as anonymous. Click here for an overview of privacy at Google
Cookies directive cookiesDirective These cookies are used to store your answer whether you agree or disagree with our cookies policy, so you don’t have to answer this question again every time you visit our website.
WordPress WPML icl_current_language These cookie is used to store the language you want to visit our website.

If I Identify a Cookie that is not Included in the Above Table

Our website uses a third-party content and plugin managing system; these plug-ins occasionally use cookies that we may have missed, particularly following an update by the administrator. If you find any cookies that are not included in the above table or have any questions regarding these, please contact us. Certain cookies which are considered fundamental for the proper operation of the website may only be blocked by editing your browser’s configuration.

How Can I Disable or Block Cookies?

We suggest that you consult your browser’s Help file to find out how to achieve this.

Third-Party Cookies

Certain cookies are utilized and provided by third parties. Although we may not use all of them, following is a list of the main links you may follow to unsubscribe if you wish.

YouTube Cookies

We upload videos in our official YouTube channel. Occasionally, this may create cookies when you click on the YouTube player; however, YouTube does not store personal data. For further information, please visit YouTube’s embedding videos information page.

Do not Track

‘Do not Track’ is a web browser function that allows you to indicate websites to which you do not wish tracking information to be saved. Although not all websites currently support this function, it is possible to find information on how to configure this in your browser through the following links: