The Company

The project we are presenting today is a new, fresh project where the figure of the technical partner takes the foreground.

We present a new enterprise, backed by trading company Nextel S.A. with 25+ years’ leadership in the ICT market and a considerable trajectory, primarily based on: a specialized multidisciplinary team, closely related to a significant array of loyal clients who ratify the high standard of aptly conceived projects, a set of consolidated strategic alliances, comprising first-rate manufacturers devoted to information security technologies, and their equally relevant supply chain with its corresponding value-added contribution.

Following the incorporation of our company, we would like to reiterate our full commitment to supporting our clients in the assessment, commissioning and later evolutionary process of their projects associated to both IT and the implementation of Management Systems that enable companies to increasingly optimize the profitability of their investments in these fields, embedding our services in the day-to-day of their transcendental y vital business model.