Our quality

IT QualityMxtel’s commitment to continuous improvement and achieving the satisfaction of its interest groups: clients, personnel, allies, shareholders and society in general, has led us to adopt a quality management system based on the EFQM model.

We have evolved from ISO 9002 in 1998 and its subsequent adaptation to ISO 9001:2000, the ISO 27001, and its working method with our clients’ information assets under standards of confidentiality, integrity and availability, until 2004 when we became the first engineering firm in the sector to obtain the Silver Q for Quality Management award.

The current quality management system introduces the strategic perspective of integrated quality in the company’s management system, pursuing evolution towards total quality and business excellence.

Guarantee is our best covering letter. After detecting the client’s needs, we plan tailor-made and turnkey projects We have the best technological alliances to achieve this.

The trust and loyalty that more and more companies are placing in Mxtel are what drives us to improve.