Large private companies

We are practical. We provide companies with up-to-date, agile and productive tools, which boost and improve their technological capacity, so advancing in the development of the industry and the services.

Our services are directed at all industrial fields such as automation, suppliers and electricity companies, port agents and authorities, and the services sector such as travel agencies, passenger transport companies, hotels, boarding houses, homes, Internet service suppliers, global operators, etc.

Projects carried out:

  • Auditing and Consultancy Projects
  • LOPD (Law of Personal Data Protection) adaptation plans
  • Market solution comparative analysis
  • Security Audits
  • Network and system analysis and optimisation
  • BS-7799 Plan Design
  • Application study and development
  • DB application implementation
  • Firewall system roll-out and high availability
  • Specialised training
  • Installation, configuration and start up of corporate networks
  • Installation and configuration of the Web access filtering System
  • Corporate security systems (firewalls) implementation
  • Establishment of VPNs with remote delegations
  • Mail service migration
  • Supply and integration of security devices and Antivirus installation
  • Corporate
  • Supply, installation and start-up of Network Management Systems
  • Certificate servers, certifying entity, systems PKI