At Nextel S.A., we focus our strategy on achieving our clients’ corporate efficiency and satisfaction – two aspects which, combined, contribute to the success of their projects as well as the internal gratification of our own team.

The core of this strategy is the innovating spirit and dynamic corporate structure that enables us to split our business into four areas which consolidate our organization: Systems Integration, IT Consultancy, Telematics Application Development and Service Maintenance.

Within this business framework and under the market’s current economic scenario which, no doubt, represents a hindrance to our clients investment and, thereby, to the technological evolution of our sector, Nextel S.A. finds support on the values that have always empowered us to face the difficulties of the market: innovation, flexibility, teamwork, productivity and confidence. The combination of these values with quality and efficient service empower us to secure our clients and shareholders reliance.

For this reason, putting in motion the activities we address every year in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility does not just entail a goal to be achieved, but at path that marks our way within our operating sector, thereby generating both quality service and team members who feel motivated about and committed to their work, their environment and their clients.

Within this context, we have divided the activities that enable us to be a sustainable and committed enterprise into three main foundations. We invite you to review our sustainability:

  • Economic, as a highly relevant factor that affords soundness and flexibility to the other two sustainability areas.
  • Social, because, for Nextel S.A., “people are the most important asset” – and this phrase has been maintained and honored throughout our entire history.
  • Environmental, because, while we do not partake in a particularly contaminating sector, we carry out activities to measure our environmental impact and take measures to minimize it.

We have implemented two reporting approaches that provide data and indicators with regard to strategies and activities performed.

We support the Global Compact

  • The Global Reporting Iniciative (GRI), is an organization that drives sustainability reporting by all organizations. Thanks to this initiative, we have prepared our sustainability report to measure and communicate our economic, environmental and social performance. We are currently in the preparation phase of our report, which will soon be published online.
  • The Global Compact, is a worldwide treaty by which we commit voluntarily to align our operations and strategies in four subject areas: Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption. Our report is now published online.

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