We undertake initiatives that enable us to measure our environmental impact and take measures to minimize it.

Although we are a service providing company and do partake in any particularly contaminating sector, we are highly interested in the sustainability of our activities by implementing active controls for material reduction and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Every year, we conduct a lecture at which we communicate internally the new environmental measures applied and the guidelines and policies required to execute them.

We internally foster good in-house practices and encourage the rule of the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle); we control C02 emissions and reduce power consumption by utilizing more adequate heating, air-conditioning and lighting systems.

We have recently installed a water fountain in our new R&D&I office to avoid the use of bottled water, which causes so much harm to the environment. An attempt will be made to replicate this practice among the remaining offices because, aside from representing savings in terms of costs, plastic and space, it also signifies a contribution towards a reduction in consumption and an improvement in sustainability.

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